In a few sentences how would you introduce Innovation by Design?

Innovation by Design is a design and strategy studio based in Milano, Italy. We are a dynamic team of designers, technologists, researchers, and strategists, permanently inspired and passionate about what we do.

" We keep innovation and fresh ideas at the core of our activities and strongly believe in the importance of collaboration and co-creation. "



Describe the work you have been doing with Puma Innovation?

We’ve been working with Puma Innovation on Biodesign since 2018 when we first participated in the Milan Design Week. We curated an exhibition that showcased four Biodesign Experiments created by MIT Design Lab Team and Bioriealize: the Breathing Shoe, the Deep Learning Insole, Carbon Eaters and the Adaptive Packaging, focusing on how the next generation of athletic footwear, apparel and wearables can adapt in real-time by using living organisms to enhance performance. More Details

In 2019 we had the exciting opportunity to further develop the Breathing Shoe Concept with the “Bioevolution” Exhibition. In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology 

" we’ve developed and showcased the first material samples processed by the tailored microorganisms during the experimental stage "

and a concept shoe that uses the microorganisms to remove the material on the shoe upper in the most active areas. More Details

In 2020 thanks to PUMA commitment and to the amazing partners Living Colour and Streamateria, the focus moved onto garments and to a new location for the Design to Fade Exhibition, planned to be held in the outstanding stage of Stazione Centrale Warehouses, the very heart of Milan Design Week events.



What were some of the things you had designed into the 2020 Biodesign exhibit?

We've led the creative direction focusing on the immersive physical experience. Starting from the high concept through location scouting to the in-space concept development.

" We've used both the facade and the interior to create the experience building blocks focused on informative engagement that defined the storytelling"

of the two projects of Streamateria & Living Colour in collaboration with PUMA.Thus inviting the visitors for an immersive journey into the complete product life-cycle, from creation through the coloring process and finally to the nature-nourishing decomposition enabled by the applied materials

 Through the holistic visual language designed by us, we’ve combined both the core values of the two collections and the related brands, consequently unifying the vision of the world where sustainability and natural means are in the center.

 We've set the leading narrative of the storytelling through the claim of Design to Fade.

"From the ephemeral nature of the exhibition, through the lifecycle of the products to the bacteria-employing coloring process - we embraced the design that fades gracefully. "

 The Design to Fade is a contemplation on how the new technologies could transform the fashion business and its production chains. We've dedicated a section of the exhibition for an installation that aimed at inspiring the visitors to physically interact with the visual artifacts and share their individual perception through an photo & #designtofade thus embracing the ephemeral but saving its meaning from fading by the use of social media.

We’ve also conceptualised and developed a computational pattern inspired by biological growth algorithms, which embraced Streamateria’s manufacturing methods, and at the same time through its unique aesthetic, captured the exhibition’s theme of “being of nature”, which elevated the narrative consistency between the two collections.



What was the thing you wanted people to experience with biodesign?

Our goal was to enable the visitors to experience how a collaborative effort and responsible design mindset can push the limits in the sportswear Industry by envisioning a whole new generation of garments designed to meet the imperative need of sustainability.

"By meaningfully combining both physical and digital contents, we aimed at inspiring a reflection on how Biodesign can impact the whole garment manufacturing lifecycle."



What has your collaboration with Puma meant to your work? What does collaborating in general mean to your work? How important is it? How important will it be in the future?

Working with PUMA made us grow both as a team and as individuals. We’ve been given the opportunity to collaborate with scientists, researchers and designers from around the world. We have enriched our knowledge and our understanding about the challenges of innovation applied to Sports and Fashion. 

 We believe that all our work is a collaborative effort and that the capability to work in a connected environment dramatically increases the opportunities for shaping new experiences that will make the world a better place.